Sofia Passov

Maximizing the Automation ROI and Acceleration of RPA Implementation

New Case Study by US Nationwide Bottled Water Producer
Automate Process Discovery and Task Mining to Improve Outcomes

Automate Process Discovery and Task Mining to Improve Outcomes

Patrick Morrison, StereoLOGIC EVP Sales interview by Christopher Whyte, Digital Pragmatic.
Sofia Passov

Successful Transformation Projects Begin and End with 360° Process Mining, Discovery and Diagnostics

Presentation by Sofia Passova. Ph.D.

How to Accelerate the Implementation of RPA and Reduce the Risk of Failure.

This white paper is the definitive source on how to get the operational data to calculate RPA ROI, accelerate RPA discovery and complete RPA projects with lower risk.
Sofia Passov

How to Map and Measure Hundreds of Processes in a Short Period of Time.

A presentation from Process Mapping and Modeling Open House by Sofia Passova. Ph.D.
Stan Passov

How to Instantly Accelerate Customer Service via Intelligent Processes.

PEX Network Interview with Stan Passov, SVP Product Management at StereoLOGIC.          
David Whyte

Practical Implementation of Process Mining at Large North American Financial Services Enterprises

Presentation by David Whyte.
Scott Gorman

How precise knowledge of employee operations can simplify your transformation effort and reduce the risk

A cases study by Scott Gorman, Senior Vice President, New Business Operations, Underwriting & Product Development.

How did Pitney Bowes Accelerate Back Office Operations by 56% in less than 90 days.

A detailed case study from the winner of PEX Award for the Best Process Improvement Project in less than 90 Days.

Reality Based Business Operations are Finally Here.

A whitepaper by Jim Sinur, a worldwide-known expert in intelligent business operations and co-author of BPM: Third Wave.

How Can I Manage my Operations?

A whitepaper by Simon Holloway, a practice leader in Business Process Management, Bloor Research, UK.

Secrets of Success, Process Excellence for RPA and Transformation in “No Time”. Joint presentation with East West Bank and City of Toronto.

OPEX Week: Business transformation world summit, summer 2017 in San Diego.
StereoLOGIC platform has been featured as the member firm of the month in Canadian RegTech Association. Process and Task Mining can now be used by non-technical business users with a new release of StereoLOGIC 2020 Gartner Recommends StereoLOGIC for RPA Projects. Forrester report features successful application of StereoLOGIC Process Mining at a US Life Insurance Company. StereoLOGIC Case Study is featured in Process Mining in Financial Services. Presentation at COO & Chief Transformation Officer Summit in Orlando, FL.