Smart operations in No Time
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Real-time business analytics, diagnostics and optimization. Always have up-to-date picture of “what’s going on” and how to improve it.
Instant discovery of End-to-End processes, with time and frequency, without wasting time for data log preparation. Optimize and automate your processes.
Never loose a detail of what employees do in office tools and business applications, how they spend time, and what tasks can be optimized and automated.

“StereoLOGIC offers a more complete picture of reality and can handle employee productivity comparisons or workload optimization over different processes and related tasks.”



StereoLOGIC provides a complete set of tools you need to analyze and optimize your enterprise operations.
You can easily use all analytical capabilities from Operational Intelligence to Process Mining and Task Mining without any additional effort within the same automated modelling platform.

StereoLOGIC will provide you with accurate and real-time answers to questions like:

  • Deviations from the best practices
  • What employees do in Excel and Outlook
  • Processes which could be automated with maximum ROI
  • Difference in operations among employee groups
  • Time spent in various systems
  • FTE allocation to task
  • Why client applications are rejected?
  • Time spent on each client
  • Which processes take most of the workday
  • E2E case processing time
  • Root causes of errors and delays
  • Risk and Compliance violations
  • And many others...

Our customers also choose StereoLOGIC because it offers:

  • Quick Start
  • Instant results
  • Works Remotely
  • 100% Reliable Results
  • Best in class security
  • Happy Customers

Scott Gorman, SVP Operations answers why he chose StereoLOGIC

Digital Transformation
StereoLOGIC serves as the first step to successful Digital Transformation as well as post-transformation validation.
Robotic Process Automation
StereoLOGIC helps to Accelerate the Implementation of RPA and Reduce the Risk of Failure.
Anti Money Laundering
StereoLOGIC Process Discovery, Mining And Diagnostics Improves Operational Efficiency For AML Operations.

“StereoLOGIC focuses more on the digital transformation use case and improving process automation by discovering and validating automation opportunities.”

Market Guide for Process Mining
Gartner, 2018

StereoLOGIC delivers best in class solutions enabling leading organizations to deliver impactful transformational results.

“The solution: leverage StereoLOGIC to drive prioritization. Automation takes time and patience. Digitizing everything is not a realistic goal — prioritization is key to establishing a road map for transformation...

...Puts the focus on customer outcomes rather than technology by identifying which parts of a business process customers frequent most and how they tend to move through the system”.

Process Mining: Your Compass For Digital Transformation.
The Customer Journey Is The Destination.
Forrester, 2019
saves over 35% of FTE by optimizing Billing, Case Implementation and Customer Service processes
One of 100 Best US Banks
achieves over 50% savings on Cash Transaction Reporting with StereoLOGIC process discovery & mining.
Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
cuts customer response time by 56% while reducing operating costs by 30%.
Major Canadian Bank
saves $15MM annually, reducing branch-level errors and delays by 95% using StereoLOGIC continuous monitoring