AML Digital Transformation in International Bank

saves over 60% of FTE costs on AML Operations



FTE Cost Savings in Non-Post Branch Validation


FTE Cost Savings in Funding and Onboarding of Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOC)


FTE Cost Savings in Cash Transaction Reporting (CTR)

Revenue: $700M
Size: 3,200 Employees


The AML process efficiency and employee performance was paramount to the bank which managed over $50B in assets. The AML operations included CTR, deposit verifications and fraud detection, KYC reviews, OFAC enforcement of economic and trade sanctions as well as credit review.

StereoLOGIC helped the bank to accelerate AML operations efficiency and identified significant FTE savings.


  • Despite continuously increasing the number of AML Reviewers, the reviews took too long creating a backlog of transactions
  • The process efficiency was very low with only 3-5% of review cases being real suspects
  • The review process itself was inconsistent, with some reviewers performing excessive validations while others stopping at “just enough”


StereoLOGIC provided the ability to:
  • Reveal the E2E process performed by all team members
  • Visualize work process of each reviewer (including activities, screenshots, and systems used)
  • Measure the time of each process activity and the entire process
  • Identify Non-Value Add activities
  • Analyze deviations from the “optimum path” and visualize variances
  • Generated Standard Operating Procedure documents for AML reviewers


  • Provided visibility into AML reviewers work, discovering previously unknown reviewer processes
  • Accelerated and improved reviewers’ work, eliminating Non-Value Add activities achieving up to 60% FTE cost savings
  • Identified RPA opportunities
  • Enabled efficient training following generated SOP documents
Life Insurance
saves over 35% of FTE by optimizing Billing, Case Implementation and Customer Service processes.
Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
cuts customer response time by 56% while reducing operating costs by 30%.
Major Bank (Canada)
saves $15MM annually, reducing branch-level errors and delays by 95% using StereoLOGIC continuous monitoring.
WYTH Financial
within two months of deploying Task Mining, where identified numerous opportunities to accelerate back-office processing.