Task Mining

Never lose a detail of what employees do in office tools and business applications, how they spend time, and what tasks can be optimized and automated.



StereoLOGIC is a pioneer in task mining. In 2009 we applied for a patent for innovative technology using optical character recognition (OCR) and user-system interactions to discover employee processes and tasks. The US patent was issued in 2019.

StereoLOGIC is the only technology that accurately extracts and maps employee tasks without any desktop installation. Even if these tasks are frequently interrupted, as employees switch from one task to another, StereoLOGIC will provide accurate documentation and analytics data on each task.

You will know:
  • when the task was started and finished
  • how much time was spent working on the task
  • how many times it was interrupted and why
  • if the task was successfully completed or put on hold.
  • also, StereoLOGIC will help you understand if the task involves complex decision-making, not just "data manipulation", if it value adding or not.
StereoLOGIC will provide the results regardless of the number and type of IT systems used by your employees. Even if they spend eight hours a day performing complex spreadsheet manipulations in Excel, StereoLOGIC will provide accurate task recognition.

For each discovered task you will receive detailed employee activities:
  • associated UI screens
  • the time of each activity and the entire task
  • user inputs, such as checking a checkbox
  • choosing a menu item, etc.
  • and the IT system used (Mainframe, ERP, etc.)
StereoLOGIC will enable you to prioritize tasks for automation. On top of the obvious metrics like task frequency and time, you will benefit from more advanced metrics, like impact on service quality, customer experience and many others.

Understand Your Business Process at Mouse Click and Keystroke Level Of Granularity.

As enterprises continue to go through digital transformation, task mining becomes critical to provide visibility on actual steps identifying task inefficiencies and opportunities for task-level automation.
Digital Transformation

StereoLOGIC helps to answer:

  • What kind of tasks my process consists of?
  • What are the exact steps and activities within a task?
  • What are the possible outcomes of a task?
  • How can I identify opportunities for task-level RPA?
  • How can I measure and achieve the best possible task productivity?

StereoLOGIC solution offers:

  • Detailed, granular insights about each task
  • Elimination of noise, which typically distorts task mining, such as employee interruptions and distractions
  • Identification of inefficiencies and non-value add activities
  • Obfuscation – removal of private employee and client data
  • Advanced analytics

Insights Into Discovered Tasks

Insights Into Discovered Tasks

Recorded Time vs. Varios Inefficiencies

Recorded Time vs. Varios Inefficiencies

Time Per Scenario by Apps in Use

Time Per Scenario by Apps in Use

Accelerate bots creation
by feeding powerful, real-time outputs from task mining straight to RPA

Accelerate bots creation by feeding powerful, real-time outputs from task mining straight to RPA


Real-time business analytics, diagnostics and optimization. Always have up-to-date picture of “what’s going on” and how to improve it.

Process Mining

Instant discovery of end-to-end processes, with time and frequency, without wasting time for data log preparation. Optimize and automate your processes.