Digital Transformation Journey

StereoLOGIC serves as the first step to successful Digital Transformation as well as post-transformation validation



Undertaking business transformation initiatives in complex environments can be challenging because systems, processes and the way people work are varied and occasionally hidden.

Having a real-time holistic view of all employee processes, tasks and systems before, during and after transformation reduces risk, accelerates project timelines, and is the foundation for successful outcomes.

StereoLOGIC delivers value at each stage of the transformation journey.
As per Gartner survey, 82% of CEOs said they have a Digital Transformation program underway to make their companies more digital.


The key challenge of digital transformation is understanding the current state of processes to make intelligent decision on what needs to be re-engineered or automated.
  • What processes should be prioritized?
  • How to measure success of a digital transformation initiative? (Post-transformation validation)
  • Should the processes be Automated or Re-engineered?
  • What is the true scope of digital change?
  • How to validate post-transformation results?
  • How to eliminate over-planning?
Understanding the processes’ current state at each transformation stage helps making intelligent decision on what needs to be re-engineered or automated next.


For transformation projects, StereoLOGIC delivers best in class advanced process discovery, task mining and diagnostics, tapping into user systems via a simple web interface. Gain visibility and insights into current processes, systems and employee activity that enable leading organizations to deliver impactful transformation initiatives. Save time, dramatically improve customer service and deliver staggering ROI with StereoLOGIC platform.

StereoLOGIC provides the following benefits within days of deployment in the organization:
  • Establish an accurate baseline
  • Map current state processes, including edge cases
  • Capture all processes and systems
  • Significantly reduce discovery time
  • No disruption to the workforce and SMEs
  • Mine employee workstation activity and compliance
  • Identify and understand why process deviations happen
  • Build a business case with a 360° view of current state
  • Develop process improvements based on real data
  • Accurately project transformational ROI
Transformation leaders no longer have to wait until an initiative is fully launched before measuring success. StereoLOGIC provides a detailed view of the new initiative in action.

Using StereoLOGIC during a phased roll out supports an agile approach to project delivery. During each phase of delivery, understanding employee adoption and utilization is critical to success.
  • Validate results and ROI
  • Auto-generate user manuals for just-in-time training
  • Identify process, system or human failures for triage
  • Understand efficiency gains and human activity
  • Measure new business system utilization
  • Track SLA’s against benchmarks and projected improvements
  • Continuous KPI benchmarking and iteration
  • Client experience analysis
  • Monitor employee’s processes
  • Revise staffing and capacity models

StereoLOGIC identifies errors and system delays in the production environment and also provides actionable reporting, enabling organizations to significantly shrink the stabilization and employee adoption period.
  • Accelerated adoption and benefit realization
  • Pinpoint user, training or system issues
  • Realize client experience improvements
  • Identify critical delays and compliance deviations
  • Validate ROI
“Advanced process mining produced a significant acceleration of discovery and diagnostics of processes for roadmap development… 12 weeks was reduced to 72 hours.”
David Hadd, SVP of US Bank,
Chair of Business Transformation World Summit 2020
StereoLOGIC helps to Accelerate the Implementation of RPA and Reduce the Risk of Failure
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