Operational Intelligence

Real-time business analytics, diagnostics and optimization. Always have up-to-date picture of “what is going on” and how to improve it


The key differentiator of StereoLOGIC is its immediate adaptation to changing operational priorities and ability to provide real time answers to sudden requests.

Suppose you need answers for typical operational questions, such as number of tasks employees complete in a day, average time per process, or who is the fastest performer in a team.
StereoLOGIC will instantly provide this information. However, if you suddenly receive a complaint about client service delays, StereoLOGIC can be immediately reconfigured to answer what happened and why.
Operational Intelligence. Monitoring

Diagnostics Beyond KPIs

StereoLOGIC will monitor your business KPIs and provide comprehensive reports and dashboards. But just informing you that your employees spend too much time updating client information is not enough by our standards.

With StereoLOGIC you will know the exact causes for the performance delay. Be it a one-off problem or a repeated pattern such as legacy IT system, poor user interface, incoming data quality or poor collaboration - you will know it all.

For any given KPI, StereoLOGIC will provide detailed replay of actual employee activities, including user/screen interactions, time spent, and IT systems used.

Monitor to Improve

With StereoLOGIC monitoring, you know every activity on which your employees’ time is spent. You can easily reveal non-value add activities, non-work related activities, process inefficiencies and training issues.

For every detected inefficiency, StereoLOGIC will provide the wasted FTE to generate the ROI projection for your next process improvement or automation project.

Client Experience … and Employee Experience

How much time is spent on servicing each client? Why does it take so long? How to accelerate the service?

StereoLOGIC will provide you with both the client and employee perspectives without interviewing any of them.

You will know exactly each employee’s step, each system screen they use with all the associated usability quirks and delays. Whether the service delay is caused by an old CRM, too many manual steps or too much work in Outlook and Excel you will immediately be aware of it.

Compliance and Conformance to Standard Process

You have a best practice, but does everyone follow it? Can you instantly detect violations of your Compliance Policies?

StereoLOGIC provides an Employee Score Card, assessing employees’ conformance to best and safest practices.

Each Employee Score Card shows deviations from the prescribed process, missing required steps and wrong steps that should not be performed. The Score Card also shows the employee performance against a defined SLA assuring not just accurate but also timely performance.

Easy Start and Quick Results

You do not need to install anything on your employee desktops. StereoLOGIC monitoring is instantly activated by opening a browser and entering a URL. StereoLOGIC will monitor employee’s processes across all applications and office tools regardless of the underlying technology. Even your custom one-of-a-kind apps are supported.

The data is collected on best-in-class secure enterprise server hosted either on premises or in the cloud.

Whether your employees work from home or in globally distributed offices and service centers, StereoLOGIC is ready to help you accomplish the highest performance, service quality and efficiency in your operations.

StereoLOGIC provides answers to your operational questions

Operational Intelligence. Discovered Proccesses.

With StereoLOGIC you know where your delays are and what is their root cause

Operational Intelligence. Delays and root cause.

StereoLOGIC monitors your business KPI’s and detects non-value add activities

Operational Intelligence. KPI monitoring.

StereoLOGIC will provide the wasted FTE to generate the ROI projection for every detected inefficiency

Operational Intelligence. ROI, FTE.

With StereoLOGIC you will know exactly each employee’s step and each system screen they interact with

Operational Intelligence.Details of applications in use

StereoLOGIC provides an Employee Score Card, assessing employees’ conformance to best practices and performance against a defined SLA

Operational Intelligence. Employee Score Card. Bset Practice.
Process mining
Instant discovery of end-to-end processes, with time and frequency, without wasting time for data log preparation. Optimize and automate your processes.
Task Mining
Never lose a detail of what employees do in office tools and business applications, how they spend time, and what tasks can be optimized and automated.