Anti Money Laundering Digital Optimization

StereoLOGIC Improves Operational Efficiency For AML Operations



AML operations require significant investment in people and technology to maintain regulatory compliance - a proposition that is costing US and Canadian financial institutions $31.5B annually.

While the world wide estimate for laundered money is 2-5% of global GDP – or $800B to $2T USD, financial services organizations are combating this massive figure by scaling their AML operations.
  • AML operations costs $31.5B annually
  • On average, only 3-5% of all the cases the first line investigators review are valid suspects.


  • What’s being measured?
  • Are the KPIs right?
  • How are people performing against them?
  • How to measure Regulatory Technology performance?
  • How to detect Internal Fraud?
  • How to increase process efficiency targeting real suspects cases?
  • The key challenges AML leaders face is truly understanding how their teams are performing.


StereoLOGIC provides an un-paralleled 360° view – available within a few days - into your AML operations with a fully documented map of all activities across all teams. Gain visibility into the most and least efficient processes and identify best practices. Identify where manual work is and how to eliminate it, both increasing efficiency and improving the employee experience.

Identify repetitive, low-value tasks that are candidates for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), accelerating the path to efficiency improvements.

StereoLOGIC provides step by step training manuals that improve the onboarding and training process for new employees, and ensures that AML team members are being trained on the most effective and efficient fraud detection, investigation and escalation processes.
  • Fully documented map
  • Visibility into the most and least efficient processes
  • Identify repetitive, low-value tasks that are candidates for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Provides step by step training manuals

StereoLOGIC enables AML organizations to quickly measure the ROI of their RegTech investment with a detailed, documented map of how people and processes interact with the technology.

StereoLOGIC records every action on a user’s screen and provides an analysis of that activity. And, when risk is identified, it eliminates the need for specialists to document and take screen shots because the platform provides that information for every scenario. Outliers are quickly spotted for investigation or coaching, and this rolls up to the branch or regional level and provides insights on where to do a deep dive.

StereoLOGIC serves as the first step to successful Digital Transformation as well as post-transformation validation
StereoLOGIC helps to Accelerate the Implementation of RPA and Reduce the Risk of Failure