StereoLOGIC platform has been featured as the member firm of the month in Canadian RegTech Association.
August 5, 2020
StereoLOGIC technology involves a non-intrusive process discovery capability and delivers accurate, end-to-end business systems mapping.

This approach reveals process & data gaps, how systems interact with each other, processes that increase the risk of error, where manual intervention exists, and how the manual intervention impacts system accuracy and efficiency.
Process and Task Mining can now be used by non-technical business users with a new release of StereoLOGIC 2020
March 10, 2020
Toronto, Canada – StereoLOGIC, Process and Task mining in Real Time software, announces next generation version to its Process and Task Mining platform.

The new version packs a streamlined interface and AI-driven process and task mining based on cognitive approach. Intelligent Computer Vision algorithms are able to learn user actions, delivering 100% accurate depiction of processes and tasks, regardless of the application, system or connection type.

These enhancements have been driven by our clients’ feedback and business needs to support Business Activity Monitoring, RPA, AML and Digital Transformation use cases.

Intelligent Screen Recognition

Introducing AI-driven mechanism providing complete semantic recognition of screens. This enables business stakeholders to perform reliable and fast process and task mining without reliance on database logs and supporting IT engagements to interpret and map business processes. This data is perfectly suited to assist in accelerating RPA and associated ROI to fast-track prioritization and delivery of critical robotics projects.

Remote Business Activity Monitoring

Introducing mechanisms for visualization of Business Performance Indicators in real-time. This enables business leaders to gain immediate high-level process insights and understanding of which operational areas impact employee’s productivity and benefit from in-depth task mining.

SaaS Cloud with Enterprise-grade Security

Introducing enhanced support for Cloud-based installation complying to International Enterprise-grade security requirements. This enables StereoLOGIC deployments as a SaaS subscription model in StereoLOGIC’s secure cloud. To further enhance security, support for Multi-Factor Authentication and ability to integrate with enterprise-grade SSO solutions has been included.


Enabling full support for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) compliance, allowing users to obfuscate all captured resources containing private data as well as providing ability for custom obfuscation based on user’s defined rules. Exclusion of recording of user-personal applications (Facebook, Gmail, etc.) is fully supported.

Noise Removal

Introducing mechanism for noise removal which typically distorts task mining. Events like user interruptions, distractions, performing activities irrelevant to the task in question and potentially other “wasteful” activities that have no impact on the task outcome can now be intelligently identified and automatically removed.

Advanced Analytics

Enabling business user-friendly mechanism for dynamic extraction of data characterizing specific tasks or processes. The distilled data allows for obtaining powerful and extremely granular insights about the task/process in question.

Empowering External BI & Process Mining Tools

Introducing a mechanism for automatic log generation that could be directly fed to variety of BI tools to produce powerful dashboards about the process or task in question. Similarly, the log could be injected into variety of Process Mining Tools based on ProM framework for instant process simulation.

Linux-based Server Support

Support for Linux-based servers has been added allowing StereoLOGIC server installations on Linux as well as on Windows-based operating systems.

Support for Open JDK

In addition to Oracle JDK 1.8+, the new version now supports installations for Open JDK v. 11+

The new release is available immediately and we will be happy to discuss how these latest enhancements can help accelerate to action.